A YouTuber crashed a car to test the “emergency” function of the iPhone 14 Pro

One of the new functions of the iPhone was the detection of getting into a road accident. With the help of built-in sensors and GPS, the smartphone is able to “understand” that an accident has occurred, after which it can call external services to the scene, if suddenly the owner is unable to do it himself. The wave of reviews of the iPhone 14 Pro last week did not disclose this functionality in any way, but there will always be someone on the Internet who will check it on their own experience so that others do not have to.

Ukrainian-American YouTuber Taras Maksymuk on his channel TechRax is engaged in smashing various gadgets. So who, if not him should check such an iPhone function.

For such a check, the brand new iPhone 14 Pro was fixed in a car, which had to collide with the remains of another car in the field. That’s exactly what Taras and his friends prepared. The result can be seen in a short video (the main events start at 3:40):

This is the same function that you would not want to test on your own experience. But such an experiment showed that it works. As a result of two attempts, the smartphone did register the collision and with a slight delay would have started to call the emergency services if this process had not been stopped.

As a reminder, some Android smartphones have had such a function for a long time.