iFixit: “The iPhone 14 is the smartphone you should buy.” It has the highest repairability score since the iPhone 7. JerryRigEverything confirms

The well-known resource of instructions for repairing smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets reached the iPhone 14. Everyone almost did not pay attention to the new “regular” iPhone, because it seemed that it was a small update for the already familiar iPhone 13. But as it turned out, no one spoke about the biggest changes in the smartphone at the presentation.

At the beginning of disassembling the device, a new part was revealed that was not there before. Now the smartphone has a metal plate between the display and the “stuffing”. Previously, access to all internal components was immediately under the screen. In the iPhone 14, you need to remove the back for this.

And this is the second big news – the glass “back” is also easily dismantled, which became a difficult and expensive procedure with the advent of induction charging support. And now the back panel is easily removed as a separate element of the case.

What’s more, it also means that just like with, say, the display, savvy users can now just as easily replace the rear glass themselves if it’s damaged.

At this point, the iFixit reviewer would like to stop the video and praise the work of Apple, because such a change is very significant from the point of view of the repairability of the device.

Additionally, he gave credit to the new metal plate inside. It also plays an important role in the event of a fall, because it absorbs a significant part of the impact, thereby mitigating damage to more important components.

There were also other small changes:

In the end, the new iPhone 14 received the highest score since the iPhone 7 — 7/10. For comparison, the iPhone 13 received a rating of 5/10, and a year earlier the iPhone 12 had a rating of 6/10.

Zack Nelson, who on his YouTube channel JerryRigEverything tests the durability of smartphones and their components, also praised the company for its replaceable back panel. One of the biggest problems with modern smartphones is exactly the broken displays and back parts of the case. For the iPhone 14, replacing the back part has become less of a hassle than it was for previous models.

All other tests of Zach’s iPhone 14 passed as expected. In short: the smartphone case remains very strong; Ceramic Shield branded glass should also be used to protect cameras, because it is easier to leave scratches on them than on the display; the metal frame can still be “wounded”; and in turn, the fire will cause fatal damage to the display.