Subaru Crosstrek compact crossover: Japanese debut, global name

Previously, we knew this car as the Subaru XV – but the name Crosstrek was only found in certain markets. But with the debut of the new generation, the Japanese compact crossover received a common name that will be used in all sales markets. So, meet the Subaru Crosstrek!

What did it come with? First, with small dimensions: by a few millimeters, but the 4.48-meter Subaru Crosstrek crossover is even shorter than its predecessor. However, the 2.67-meter wheelbase was preserved. Likewise, the low height, massive plastic protection, and the SGP platform – although the latter has been refined.

Secondly, at the moment, the Subaru Crosstrek crossover debuted only in the version for the Japanese market, and there it is only available as a hybrid. The basis is a 2-liter gasoline engine, and an additional electric motor, the total power is about 160-165 “horses”. Which, in turn, are transmitted to all four drive wheels through the Lineatronic variator.

The interior and technical equipment of the car has improved significantly. From now on, the new crossover Subaru Crosstrek will receive the EyeSight system with three cameras, a circular view is provided, and the central console is formed by a vertical 11.6-inch display and ventilation deflectors near it.

Although such a compact crossover is a very popular type of car in Ukraine, we’ll have to wait for the new Subaru Crosstrek. Even in its native Japan, the start of sales of the Subaru Crosstrek model is scheduled for 2023, and only later will the crossover be exported to other countries.