Roblox boasted growth in russia. The game service never left the country

Most major game companies such as Electronic Arts, Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo stopped or reduced sales in russia, but at the conference Roblox chief executive officer of the online platform boasted that the russian audience has grown to 2 million users, while in the US this figure reaches 11 million, reports Bloomberg.

Roblox has stated that its mission is to “unite a billion people around the world with optimism and civility.” They are also confident that they have chosen the right path by not leaving the russian market.

“As a global platform, we believe the right direction is to enable people around the world to stay as connected as possible,” the company said.

In addition, at its conference, the company announced plans next year to introduce advertising into virtual worlds created on platform Roblox. Thanks to profitable partnerships with companies like Ralph Lauren or Chipotle, Roblox can offer users branded games, virtual concerts and items. For now, the company’s plan is to allow players to interact with in-game ads.

We do not recommend playing Roblox and we recommend writing to companies that advertise on the platform that Roblox supports russian aggression.