The new Volkswagen Tiguan crossover has been tested – it will debut in 2023-2024

The popular Volkswagen Tiguan crossover is preparing for the debut of a new generation, says Motor1. The car has already passed the testing stage, where it was caught by photo spies. Well, now we can take a first look at the future “third” Volkswagen Tiguan.

And what will we see? First of all, a significant increase in the length of the car is visible to the naked eye. However, at the moment it is difficult to say whether this is the standard version of the Volkswagen Tiguan, or the Allspace variant, or whether the company will abandon the practice of producing the model in two body lengths. Secondly, we can see a change in the general style: from straight design to more wavy lines. Pay attention to the soft curves of the fenders above the wheel arches or the sloping rear pillar of the roof – all this is reminiscent of the Volkswagen ID.4 electric car!

But the Volkswagen Tiguan will not be electric – the crossover will retain traditional internal combustion engines. Volkswagen representatives have already stated this, promising to maintain the diesel engine in European markets approximately until 2033-2035, which is quite enough for the life of the new generation of the Volkswagen Tiguan model.

After all, it is expected that the production version of the car will debut at the end of 2023, and sales will begin in 2024. We hope that by then Ukraine will be peaceful and we will happily welcome the new Volkswagen Tiguan to our land.

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