Beta testing of Torchlight: Infinite has started

Beta testing of Torchlight: Infinite, a new game in the action/RPG Torchlight series, has begun on Steam. The first two parts of their time were developed by Runic Games and turned out to be quite good, but the third, the authorship of Echtra Games, received very mediocre reviews – and it seemed that the story of this “cartoon” Diablo clone should have ended there. However, it did not happen as expected – the Chinese developer and publisher XD Games (aka Xindong Network) is developing a new, fourth part, which should be released next month.

Unlike previous games in the series, Torchlight: Infinite will be free-to-play and will appear not only on PC but also on mobile devices. Traditionally for a f2p project, the game will have something to pay for, however, again traditionally, the developer promises that all equipment, crafting materials, upgrades and other things that will affect the gameplay will be obtained exclusively in the game, and not in the store (did someone say “Diablo: Immortal”?).

The beta started yesterday, September 5th, and will continue until September 18th. The developer calls this beta testing “closed”, but anyone can participate in it – just request access on the game’s page, for example, on Steam. Torchlight: Infinite is also available on Android (in beta separate page ) and iOS. In addition, if such a desire arises, the mobile version of the game can be downloaded from the developer’s own service – TapTap. It is also worth noting that in order to start the game in Steam, you will have to either log in with a Google account or register in the TapTap service.

The release of Torchlight: Infinite is scheduled for October, on the occasion of the start of beta testing, the developer released a story trailer dedicated to the story of one of the game’s characters.

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