Hubble and Webb telescopes photographed the Phantom galaxy: stunning beauty

The Phantom spiral galaxy is located 34 million light years from Earth. It has very weak light and is barely visible in space, which is why it got its name. But this time, the Phantom galaxy (also known as Messier 74) was able to be photographed in detail thanks to the powers of the Webb and Hubble telescopes, the old assistant of astronomers.

On Hubble’s optical images, the galaxy has an overly bright center, which makes it difficult to see the details. Instead, Webb’s infrared images allow us to distinguish individual details of its spiral arms. The combination of data from two space telescopes made it possible to preserve the bright center of the galaxy, as well as to show pink spots, which scientists believe are hydrogen clouds, and brownish-red dust in the spiral arms.

Photos from two telescopes make a different impression. In the infrared light caught by the Webb telescope, the galaxy looks like a terrifying vortex. Instead, in the optical image from Hubble, it is rather charming.

The ability to look at the Phantom in different light allows you to see its various features. Scientists hope to use the photo to study how stars form in our neighboring galaxies. All other space lovers can enjoy its aesthetics in the meantime.

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