Netflix is canceling Resident Evil after its first season

Let’s pretend we’re surprised — Netflix decided to cancel its TV adaptation of the popular Resident Evil franchise just a month and a half after the first season was released. And this despite the fact that it ended almost as a cliffhanger and very clearly hinted at what “will happen next”.

The series showed very mediocre viewing figures – Resident Evil lasted well only in the first week after release (72.7 million hours), did not “take off” after the second, as it was initially expected (73.3 million), and left the Top 10 after the third. Now the series on IMDb has a rating of only 3.9/10, and on Metacritic audience rating overall 1.4/10.

The series outraged fans of the franchise because it has almost nothing in common with Resident Evil, except for the names of some characters, and even a very good actor Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker could not save the show from the fiasco.

Well, if you watched the first season to the end and wanted to know what would happen next to the main characters (and maybe even waited for the appearance of Ada Wong, which was promised at the end) – you will have to accept the fact that Netflix’s Resident Evil will remain with open final. Maybe it’s for the better.

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