Dead Island 2 is still alive and is even getting closer to release

Dead Island 2 was not lucky for the last eight years of development – the author of the first part, the Polish studio Techland, refused to work on the sequel in favor of a new series, Dying Light, and the publisher of Dead Island 2 was initially transferred to Yager Development, which was removed from development a year later. A year later, the British from Sumo Digital “landed” on the “dead island”, and finally, three years ago, the publisher Deep Silver announced that its own studio Dambuster Studios had taken over the work.

All this time, there was no news about the progress or even new trailers (except for the very first one dedicated to the announcement in 2014) – so the players finally gave up on the game. Especially since the two parts of Dying Light from the authors of the original Dead Island were very good.

But during the grand opening of the Gamescom exhibition, the publisher shared fresh information about the game and even showed new trailers. The first was a cinematic announcement – with one of the six main characters, who uses a rifle and a katana to make his way through zombified Los Angeles.

The second video shows elements of the gameplay, which, according to the publisher, was reworked by the latest developer “from scratch”. It looks very gory, with brutal hand-to-hand combat, lots of blood, and mutilated opponents.

Dead Island 2 is scheduled for release on February 3rd, 2023, and hopefully this time the game will finally be released. In the trailer, you can see the list of platforms – PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Epic Games Store (Steam is missing).

Also on the list is Alexa Game Control, which is not a platform, but a voice control technology (the same as the virtual assistant Alexa), which Amazon announced at the same time, at the opening of Gamescom. In Dead Island 2, with its help, players will be able to perform some voice commands.

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