There will be no pay-to-win microtransactions in Diablo IV

At least that’s what Blizzard promises us. In its quarterly blog update on the state of Diablo IV development, the company told about how it is going to support the game after its release, about seasonal “activities” and about microtransactions, an issue that became especially painful after the release of Diablo Immortal.

Thus, Blizzard emphasizes that Diablo IV will be a “full-value game” — the in-game store will offer only “cosmetics” that cannot even indirectly affect the characteristics of the character and will not help the gameplay in any way. The only option to become “cooler” will be directly passing the game itself.

Optional season passes will provide access to the “endgame”: Diablo IV will have up to four seasons per year, the first of which will begin shortly after the game’s release. Each season will offer new challenges, balance adjustments, new collectibles, and more. As in previous games, players will need to create new “seasonal” characters to participate in such activities – previous characters will live in an “eternal realm” where the player can continue to play with them.

Well, at least the promises don’t sound bad — hopefully, in the time left until the release (remember, Diablo IV is still scheduled for 2023), Blizzard won’t change their mind and remake Diablo Immortal 2.