Google blocked the third record DDoS attack in the last few months

Google says it thwarted the largest HTTPS-based DDoS attack in June, sending 46 million requests per second at its peak. This is if all daily queries to Wikipedia arrived in 10 seconds, reports The Register.

According to experts, the new DDoS attack is 76% more powerful than the previous one that Cloudflare disrupted earlier that month. In general, the number of such attacks increased by 200% compared to last year.

Google employees note characteristic features of the attack that connect it to previous ones. Similar to the previous one, the new DDoS attack involved 5,256 source IP addresses from 132 countries around the world. It also used HTTPS requests instead of HTTP. Such attacks are more expensive because they require more computing resources.

The attack took place against the background of a significant increase in such threats since the beginning of the year. During the first half of the year, their number increased by 203% as reported by Radware. The company notes that the main role in this was played by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the cyber attacks that accompanied it.