IT business and war: how the composition of the top 50 IT companies in Ukraine changed as of summer 2022

More than half of the IT companies in Ukraine reported that they did not stop hiring employees after the start of the war. However, in the same companies, hiring decreased by 20%, and the total number of IT specialists decreased by 3,000, shows DOU research .

In view of the war, almost half of the companies in the top 50 rating have dynamics to reduce the number of personnel. Here are the top five largest IT companies by number of employees:

  1. EPAM Ukraine
  2. SoftServe
  3. GlobalLogic
  4. Luxoft Ukraine
  5. Evoplay

The top ten companies also included Ciklum, DataArt, NIX, Intellias, and the partner of the Ministry of Digital Affairs, Ajax Systems.

Ciklum was outside of it for the first time in 10 years, taking sixth place. The first two companies from the rating lost employees from Ukraine – SoftServe 164, and EPAM Ukraine – as many as 1260. Although many companies dismissed employees during the war, it was primarily about non-technical specialists. The top 25 companies even added about 100 technical specialists.

In January, the total number of employees in the top 50 reached 100,000 for the first time. However, 97,600 specialists currently work in these companies due to a decrease of 3%. The first half of the list occupies the largest share. 77,000 specialists work in the top 25 companies.

Many Ukrainian employees of IT companies also went abroad. EPAM reported several thousand such people. About a quarter of them have already returned, but a certain part sees their immediate future in other countries. Despite the negative dynamics in Ukraine, SoftServe from the top five continued to grow at the expense of other locations around the world.

Ajax Systems grew the most during the war – they hired 800 specialists in half a year. The company opened new offices both in Ukraine and abroad. Evoplay and Genesis also expanded — by 366 and 200 specialists, respectively.

Many companies also had to move their offices from the eastern and southern cities of Ukraine to the west. The most offices were closed in Kharkiv (13) and Kyiv (8). At the same time, companies opened new locations in the west of Ukraine and in other countries. Poland hosted the largest number of companies – 17.

Most of the surveyed companies have not stopped hiring in Ukraine, or have stopped and already resumed it. However, plans to expand Ukrainian teams are modest – most plan to grow by less than 200 specialists.

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