OnePlus and OPPO smartphones have been banned from being sold in Germany

It is Nokia’s “guilt” — more precisely, the company’s lawsuits against these brands regarding the infringement of its patents. The District Court of Mannheim in July agreed with Nokia’s claim that OPPO and OnePlus violate its fundamental patents by illegally using “certain technologies” in their smartphones because they do not pay license fees to the Finnish company. At the same time, it was reported that if the companies do not reach an agreement, there is a “theoretical threat” of banning the sale of OPPO and OnePlus smartphones on the German market.

It seems that the parties could not come to an agreement, and now it has become known that these Chinese brands have stopped selling their products in Germany. OPPO‘s local site is almost empty except for a section about ColorOS and an informational message in the black rectangle “Product information is currently unavailable on our website”. The site OnePlus continues to operate and offers smartphones in its store, however, according to users, attempts buying them leads to a 404 error.

It is currently unknown how the companies plan to resolve this conflict. In addition, the legal conflict was not limited to Germany, therefore, in the worst case scenario for Chinese brands, a similar ban may extend to other European countries.

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