Scientists have revived the cells of the organs of dead pigs. This may help in organ transplantation

Medicine is far from overcoming death, but scientists are looking for ways to delay damage to dying and damaged organs. Yale University researchers were able to revive cells from pig organs that had been dead for over an hour. The animals’ hearts began to beat, and their bodies did not freeze as it usually happens.

Scientists mixed blood and artificial hemoglobin with OrganEx, a substance that combined anti-inflammatory drugs, nerve blockers that prevent the return to consciousness, nutrients and drugs that fight cell death .

The project continues many years of work, during which scientists have already managed to revive pig brain cells using the BrainEx solution. After that, they began work on revitalizing the entire body.

Reviving cells is only the first step in research. Scientists need to test whether the organs function, as well as evaluate the effects of OrganEx without the nerve blocker, and eventually test the innovation in humans. It is not clear when it will be possible to move to the final stage because there are ethical concerns about how the drug works.

However, when the drug can be used in medicine, the consequences can be significant. OrganEx can extend the viability of organs for transplantation that could be harvested long after the donor’s death. This could increase the number of organs available for transplant and save more lives. The technology can also help restore organs after serious heart attacks and strokes.

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