The academic building of one of the schools in Lviv will be printed on a 3D printer

As notified by the Lviv City Council in Lviv, a modern academic building for elementary school students of school No.23 will be built at the expense of philanthropists. It would seem, so what? But the fact is that they plan to use 3D printing during the construction of the new building.

The construction is initiated and financed by the TIM4YUA Charitable Foundation. The organization offers to use the latest construction methods, including 3D printing. Currently, the delivery of a large 3D printer to Lviv is being prepared, which will form the walls of the building from a special solution.

The concept of the project will still be refined and undergo the necessary examination, but now you can look at the first visualizations of the educational building.

3D printing of houses is a technology that has been talked about for many years, but it only reached industrial scale in 2021, and so far we are talking about rather small individual houses. If the project in Lviv comes to implementation, the building of City School No. 23 may even become the largest printed building in the world.

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