MEGOGO has started testing voiceover of content with the help of artificial intelligence

In order to increase the amount of content with Ukrainian-language audio tracks, the streaming service MEGOGO has started testing the dubbing format with the help of artificial intelligence.

The technology works as follows: first, the speech in the video is recognized, then the process of adaptation into the text takes place, if necessary, corrections are made to the text in the original language, and only after that the “robot” translates and voices it. The partner of the process was the Swiss-Ukrainian company Vidby.

“We are constantly working on increasing the number of Ukrainian-language tracks and today we have the largest number of Ukrainian-language content in the world – almost 35,000 units. But the content is constantly updated, new titles are added, where the rights holders have only one or two tracks. Therefore, in 2021, we launched our own audio localization studio, MEGOGO Voice. And now we are testing new technologies – we decided to try the possibility of voicing with the help of artificial intelligence. All such content on the service will have information about the method of voicing. It’s interesting how our viewers will appreciate the innovative format,” says Valeriya Tolochyna, marketing director of MEGOGO.

So far, only a few pieces of content voiced in this way have appeared on MEGOGO. Among them is the documentary Birds of Paradise. In addition to Ukrainian dubbing, the service tests Romanian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Kazakh, Uzbek and Estonian.

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