The modder will add your cat to Stray. But not for free

Stray on PC has become a kind of phenomenon – according to the user rating, it is currently best game of 2022, and the number of simultaneous players in it, according to SteamDB statistics, exceeded 60 thousand at its peak – this is really a lot for a very niche single-player game.

The main character of Stray was created “on the basis” of the real cat of one of the co-founders of the studio, but if you want variety (or just don’t like the red color), you can find lots of different cats for every taste.

What’s more, one modder with the nickname NorskPL makes customized mods with users’ favorite cats. However, since he is far from philanthropy, he is engaged in this business not at all selflessly, but for money. But this does not stop Stray fans – the modder has so much work that he even had to suspend collection of new orders until August 15.

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