Sniffer Dog Quest, a browser game about Patron the dog

Programmers Oleksiy Novokhatskyi and Maryna Kharchenko created a browser game Sniffer Dog Quest dedicated to a dog sapper, who looks very similar to the most famous dog of Ukraine – Patron. Oleksiy talked about the game in his own blog at .

Sniffer Dog Quest is a fairly simple game in which you have to search and mark explosive objects. There are five levels, on some of them the dog will be hindered by a bear in earmuffs and a vatnik with the letter Z on the headband. The main character of the game is called Sniff, but everyone understands who the authors had in mind.

The game has a link to the charity fund Come Back Alive, and in addition, a small encyclopedia of real explosive objects, which Ukrainians, unfortunately, can now find almost anywhere.

We will remind you that there is currently an opinion that after the victory the full demining the territory of Ukraine will take 5-10 years. But in France there is still a so-called Zone Rouge, located in places where was the front line of the First World War. It is believed that it will become safe… only after 700 (!) years.

Sniffer Dog Quest is Oleksiy Novokhatskyi’s second wartime game. In the first game, Birds Attacks 2022, the player has to control a combat duck that destroys the Russian .

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