RevengeFor is a service where you can order an inscription on a projectile that will be used to fire at the russians

Kyiv mobile application developer studio Empat together with the Come Back Alive Foundation and the site Militarnyi created a service RevengeFor, where you can order an inscription on a projectile or a missile that our glorious gunners or military pilots will fire at the damned russians.

The main target audience of the service is foreigners, but anyone can make a donation. After yesterday’s and today’s news, there will be enough people. Projectiles are not cheap, so the smallest amount of donation for which you can order an inscription is $500.

As CEO Empat Nazar Gulyk writes, it is “one of the most successful of Empat projects, because the revenue appeared almost immediately after the launch.”

So far, the services of RevengeFor have been used by 27 people who donated $13,800 to the Armed Forces. The most orders from Ukraine – 12. Well, let’s hope that each of these shells will help increase the number of “good” Russians.

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