Baykar Makina is giving the Poles a Bayraktar TB2, and in the meantime they have started raising funds for three Mi-2 AM-1 helicopters for Ukraine

As expected, the Turkish company Baykar Makina decided to give the Poles one Bayraktar TB2 attack UAV, fundraising for which finished a few days ago. This was reported by journalist Sławomir Sierakowski, who started this campaign.

We will remind, at the beginning of June, after the same fundraising in Lithuania, Baykar Makina donated Bayraktar TB2 to the Lithuanians, and with the collected money, ammunition was supplied for the UAV.

Meanwhile, in Poland, they decided to repeat the fund-raising campaign, turning it into regular. This time they are collecting 3 medical-evacuation small helicopters Mi-2 AM-1 for Chief Directorate of Intelligence. The asking price is 8.1 million zlotys, i.e. about $1.7 million. The Zaporizhzhia company will modernize the Mi-2 AVIA-GRADE.

So far, only 20,000 zlotys have been collected, but even last time, Poles’ activity at the beginning of the campaign was not very high.

Specifications of Mi-2 AM-1
Crew – 1-2 people
Passenger capacity – 9 people (including crew)
Length – 12 m
Diameter of M/R – 14 m
Maximum take-off weight – 3,550 kg
Maximum speed – 220 km/h
Cruising speed – 200 km/h
Carrying capacity – 1,200 kg
Practical ceiling – 4,000 m
Maximum flight range – 600 km (1,200 km with additional tanks)

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