iFixit found an accelerometer inside the new Apple MacBook Air model and found almost no cooling

As soon as new Apple gadgets go on sale, iFixit is one of the first to receive the equipment and, of course, disassemble everything. This is what happened with the new MacBook Air model. Specialists conducted a traditional analysis and shared their findings in a short video.

As before, the largest part inside the top case is dedicated to the battery. It consists of three parts. There is also a lot of space allocated for the trackpad and keyboard. The latter is also not very suitable for repair, although it should be more reliable than the infamous “butterfly” mechanism.

The location of the speakers was also noted among the changes. Previously, the sound was routed through the perforated panels on the sides next to the keyboard. The speakers are now hidden next to the display mount. Although they look small, iFixit says that the sound is not bad.

Traditionally for Apple, most of the other components are located on the motherboard. It is covered by a very thin plate with thermal paste, which, according to specialists, is not enough for cooling. They believe this will cause the new Air to run hot during intensive work.

A separately marked find is an accelerometer. iFixit has no idea how it should be used. Previously, accelerometers were in models with hard drives. Then, at times of strong acceleration, the drive had to react accordingly and remove the moving elements above the disk itself to preserve its integrity. What exact function the accelerometer should perform now is unknown.

“When all is said and done, the Air still fits in a simple envelope. Today, the Mac is moving in a positive direction — more better ports, a better keyboard, and a return to repairable ideas,” the conclusion reads.

At the moment, iFixit is unhappy with the lack of cooling and the inability to upgrade, which is common for Apple computers.

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