Samsung invited to this year’s presentation of foldable smartphones Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 and Flip 4 with a puzzle

It’s no secret that it’s worth waiting for new folding smartphone models from Samsung in the summer. And there were no surprises here. In addition to another puzzle from the company, by solving which you can find out the date of this event.

So, the company’s official Twitter account posted three images with the caption: “We have a secret to tell you.” The last image also has the caption, “When will something greater arrive?”.

Spoilers ahead, beware.

Fans of various kinds of puzzles should not be frightened by such. By superimposing the first image with different symbols on the second one with different colored balls, and matching it with the order of colors in the last image, you can get the date of the next Galaxy Unpacked presentation – 081022 – or August 10, 2022. In addition, the first letters in the image – GF – probably indicate the Galaxy Fold/Flip.

Earlier, Evan Blass managed to publish an image with the date of the presentation, which later was deleted. But the date Evan had matched the solution to the Samsung puzzle.

Along with smartphones, the presentation may include new models of “smart” watches Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro.

Although there will be more precise announcements ahead, this puzzle is enough to reserve a day on the calendar if you are interested in looking at the company’s new flagships. Even though some details of both models are already known.

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