Canadians are also raising money for Bayraktar TB2 for Ukraine

It seems, the flash mob “Buy Bayraktar TB2 for Ukrainians” should be renamed to “Who hasn’t bought Bayraktar TB2 for Ukrainians yet?” Lithuania, Poland and Norway has been joined by Canada!

Fundraising takes place on the platform of the public organization UHelpUkraine. It is planned to collect 7 million Canadian dollars (around $5.4 million) and hand over the UAV to the military on Independence Day of Ukraine.

“Across the globe, our allies in Lithuania, Ukraine, and Poland have raised millions of dollars through grassroots fundraisers to ensure and conduct purchases of the well-known Bayraktar drone.It is due time for Canadians to step up and do the same,” the organizers of the campaign urge.

Thank you, Canada!

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