Sony starts adding new free games to Extra and Premium plans of the updated PS Plus service. Thus, from July 19 “cat simulator” Stray (PS4, PS5), which will be released on this very day, and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will be added to several dozen projects that appeared there immediately after the restart of the service. At one time, Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4 was already distributed on PS Plus, but the PS5 version – not yet.

In addition, on the same day, PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers will also be able to “pick up” Marvel’s Avengers (PS4, PS5). Despite the rather lukewarm reception from players, the game’s gameplay is actually quite good, so if you haven’t bought this game yet, it’s definitely worth trying it out for free.

Among the less interesting projects that will join Extra and Premium are five “old” parts of Assassin’s Creed for PS4 (in addition to Valhalla, which was available at launch), two parts of Saints Row, and half a dozen other games. In addition, the classic Premium-tariff collection will receive two games for PSP – No Heroes Allowed! and LocoRoco Midnight Carnival.

In this mode, Sony plans to update the composition of free games in PS Plus every month. The first, at the beginning of the month, the basic tariff Essential will be updated, and after a couple of weeks, it will be the turn of Extra with Premium.