Netflix announced the game Kingdom: The Blood based on the Korean series

The popular Korean series Kingdom will receive a game adaptation: Netflix announced the game Kingdom: The Blood. It is created by the Korean developer Action Square, which specializes in mobile games.

By genre, it will be a story-based action/RPG with single-player and multiplayer modes. The story campaign will be based on the plot of the show: the events of the game will take place in Korea in the 16th century, in which a virus has appeared that turns people into zombies. The developer promises the ability to create your own character, multiplayer mode is planned for PvP, boss battles and conquest mode.

Netflix assures that the game is created “with respect for the historical period”. It will have authentic clothing, and to reproduce the movements of the fighters, the developer has turned to the services of a master of Korean sword dance.

Kingdom: The Blood is due for release on PC and mobile devices, the release date is still unknown, but the game already has a gameplay trailer.

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