Rinat Akhmetov’s SCM withdraws from the assets of Media Group Ukraine due to the “law on oligarchs”

Rinat Akhmetov’s investment company SCM has decided to withdraw from the assets of Media Group Ukraine and to give up all broadcast and satellite television licenses of its channels and print media licenses in Ukraine in favor of the state, as well as to stop online media activities. Akhmetov himself said it in a statement to the press on SCM website.

“Such a decision was dictated by the entry into force of the law “On prevention of threats to national security associated with excessive influence of persons who have significant economic and political weight in public life (oligarchs).” As the largest private investor in the economy of Ukraine, I have repeatedly said that I was not, am not and will not be an oligarch. The short six-month term set by law for the sale of media assets and the Russian military aggression against Ukraine do not give SCM the opportunity to sell the media business on market terms,” ​​he writes.

According to the list on the Media Group Ukraine website, it includes:

  • national broadcast TV channel Ukraine;
  • entertaining youth television channel NLO TV;
  • thematic TV channel Indigo TV;
  • thematic TV channels Football 1/2/3, also presented in HD version;
  • national information TV channel Ukraine 24;
  • regional 34 TV channel;
  • Xtra TV satellite broadcasting operator;
  • OTT platform OLL.TV;
  • international channels Ukraine 1, Ukriane 2, NLO TV 2;
  • production companies Tele Pro, Help TV;
  • full-cycle media agency Media Partnership Baing;
  • segodnya.ua website;
  • Vogue.UA cross-platform project.

What will happen next with the above-mentioned projects after the withdrawal of SCM is still unknown, the latest news is on the Media Group Ukraine website announces the launch of a package of Ukrainian TV channels in Poland. So probably more details about the fate of the media group will be provided later.

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