The updated DS 7 SUV is now offered as a 360-horsepower hybrid

The flagship SUV of the French premium brand has undergone a planned update. Everything is as usual: a new front bumper, an enlarged radiator grille, a different design of LED headlights and updated headlights, and expanded design options for the wheels. Among the interesting features is the loss of the name Crossback: from now on it’s just DS 7. On the bar that connects the lights (by the way, also new) we see not Crossback, but the full name of the brand DS Automobiles.

However, behind the barely noticeable external changes, important internal updates are really hidden. First, a significant expansion of PHEV-hybrids: the simplest is the 225-horsepower version with front-wheel drive, the next step is a 300-horsepower version with all-wheel drive, at the top there is a 360-horsepower modification. The latter is different not only with high power and all-wheel drive, but also with increased front brakes (diameter 380 mm), reduced ground clearance (-15 mm), and extended wheel track.

In addition, the hybrids received an increased battery capacity of 14.2 kWh, which allows you to overcome the electric drive up to 65-81 km (depending on the measurement conditions). It is worth noting that the new car also offers conventional gasoline and diesel engines with a capacity of 130-225 hp. depending on the specific country and market demands.

Secondly, it is worth noting the updated interior. There are already familiar forms of the front panel, a massive central tunnel, a large podium for a 12-inch display. However, for example, a more modern multimedia system DS IRIS SYSTEM is used with a new interface and advanced voice control. Seat and panel finishing materials have also improved.

Sales of the new car will start in September this year. We hope that by then the war in Ukraine will end (of course, with our victory!) or enter the final phase – then the DS 7 SUV can be expected in late 2022 or early 2023.

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