Samsung and Starbucks have prepared a line of themed accessories for Galaxy smartphones and headphones

Drinks from Starbucks are either adored or hated. For lovers of this coffee, Samsung, together with one of the world’s most famous coffee brands, has released a limited series of accessories for flagship smartphones and TWS headphones.

Unfortunately, you can buy them only in South Korea – the “native” market of Samsung. However, the collaboration is still interesting and real fans will surely find a way to get such “artifacts”.

For smartphones in the line, there are the usual cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 +. They are made in the branded green color for Starbucks and can be either with a large logo or with the inscription Count Stars In Your Galaxy.

For Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra there are cases with a hook, with which the smartphone can be worn hanging around the neck or over the shoulder (such accessories are quite popular in Asia). The mount itself can be in the form of a check with Starbucks, or simply decorated with a logo.

But the most interesting of the accessories is the headphone case Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 in the shape of a cup of coffee. It looks very unusual and is sure to please coffee lovers. However, it is unlikely to be convenient to put such in your pocket, so you can do with the second option in the usual form, but with the logo and, again, in the brand color of Starbucks.

Of course, the company emphasizes that all accessories are made of eco-friendly materials.