Ukraine bought another 2,900 RGW 90 MATADOR grenade launchers from Dynamit Nobel Defense

We have already written about the Israeli-Singapore grenade launcher MATADOR, which Ukraine purchased in March 2022. The first batch of 2,650 units was received by the Armed Forces in March, the second of another 2,450 units was to arrive in May 2022. Now there is information about another 2,900 Matadors version of RGW 90 Matador, which Ukraine acquired from Germany. So, in total, there are already 8,000 such grenade launchers in Ukraine.

The supplier is the German company Dynamit Nobel Defense, founded in 1865 by the same Alfred Nobel. RGW (Recoilless Grenade Weapon) is a German version of MATADOR (Man-portable Anti-Tank, Anti-DOoR), produced under license. RGW 60 has a caliber of 60 mm, RGW 90 – respectively 90 mm. RGW 90 MATADOR is one of the lightest grenade launchers of its caliber.

The grenade launcher has different types of ammunition. RGW90 HH (HEAT / HESH) -anti-tank high-explosive or high-explosive armor-piercing ammunition capable of piercing armor up to 500 mm. RGW90 HH-T HEAT/HESH-Tandem – tandem, which must pierce armor up to 700 mm. RGW90 LRMP – fragmentation anti-personnel with tungsten balls and a coverage area of ​​30 meters. RGW90 ASM – ammunition for the destruction of structures and the creation of holes in reinforced concrete walls for storming buildings.

Weight – 8.9 kg
Length – 1 m
Caliber – 90 mm
Muzzle velocity – 250 m/s
Effective firing range – 500 m
Feed system – disposable
Sights – Integral optical sights
Night vision device on a Picatinny rail

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