Amphibious Assault, a new extension for Squad tactical shooter

Let’s be honest, this news is only for the sake of video, it’s too good. And we hope that this is what the NATO landing somewhere near Novorossiysk will look like.

The Amphibious Assault Update is the latest update to the tactical shooter Squad from Offworld Industries, which calls a reasonable balance between ARMA-level simulation and arcades like Battlfield.

There are 9 factions, including the armies of the United States, Britain, Australia and Russia.  Unfortunately, the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not exist there yet, but may appear in the next updates. After all, a military shooter without the Second Army of the world is nonsense. 28 maps. 100 players on the map. A lot of weapons and equipment, including aircraft and UAVs. Squad looks immaculate and the Steam rating of the game is very good 90%.

Right now, thanks to the summer Steam sale, Squad has a 33% discount. The game can be purchased for UAH 387.

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