Twitter has shown a long-running feature for creating large texts. The company has confirmed that they are starting to test Notes, which will allow you to publish posts without a limit on characters.

In general, Notes are blog posts that do not have typical tweet restrictions. You can add photos, videos and other tweets to them. Long texts will appear in the profiles of authors, they can be shared.

Notes can change the way authors interact with their subscribers. For example, give them an alternative to long threads and the ability to publish large texts at home, instead of posting them elsewhere and then spreading them on Twitter.

“Since the company’s earliest days, writers have depended on Twitter to share their work, get noticed, be read, create conversation – everything but the actual writing. With Notes, the goal is to fill in that missing piece,” says Twitter editor-in-chief Rembert Browne.

The new feature is now available to a small group of authors from Canada, Ghana, the United Kingdom and the United States. The company says it will expand the test group as it collects feedback.