Google trolls Apple with Drake’s song Texts go green

Google is continuing to promote the RCS standard for instant messaging and is doing it creatively. The company released a short video based on Drake’s song Texts go green, in which unobtrusively criticized Apple for still ignoring this standard.

Google offered an unofficial explanation of the lyrics on its Twitter page. Messages in Apple Messages usually appear in a blue bubble, but if a user writes to someone who doesn’t have an iPhone, the bubble turns green.

Google has hinted that with RCS, Apple Messages users could easily communicate even with those who don’t have an iPhone. Only Apple can solve the problem if it finally adopts a new standard. And it’s just a cool song.

Rich Communications Service (RCS) is a data transfer protocol developed to replace SMS. Unlike the previous standard, it will also allow multimedia transmission and is more secure.

RCS has already been introduced for Android, but Apple still refuses to deal with it. A half-joking video on this topic from Google was first posted on the Android page.

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