Former employees sued Tesla over mass layoffs for violation of federal law

Two former Tesla employees in Nevada are suing the company over mass layoffs. They claim that more than 500 workers were laid off without warning in 60 days, in violation of federal law. The initiators want to file a class action lawsuit and are looking for other workers who were abruptly fired in May or June.

By law, companies must warn of mass layoffs within 60 days to allow them to find a new job or retrain. Instead, one of the plaintiffs, John Lynch, learned that he was being fired immediately.

Following the news of the lawsuit, Musk said he would reduce the number of full-time employees by 10% – and increase the number of hourly workers. According to him, the dismissal will affect 3.5% of staff. It is reported that thousands of workers have already been laid off from Tesla, many of whom have suffered “devastating economic consequences”.

Earlier this month, Elon Musk announced layoffs because he has a very bad feeling about the economy. At the same time, he does not consider this lawsuit important. According to him, everything related to Tesla falls on the front pages.

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