Apple iOS 16 and macOS Ventura users will be less likely to encounter CAPTCHA

On many sites, users are constantly confronted with security checks to confirm that the user is not a bot. Sometimes you just have to say that “I’m not a robot”, and sometimes look for pictures of traffic lights, buses, and fire hydrants. This is not to mention the recognition of letters and numbers, which is not only a bot, but a person does not always succeed the first time. We all do this from time to time. And I’m sure everyone is tired of it.

Among the innovations in Apple’s operating systems are tools that will help users to encounter this less. The company is working with Fastly and Cloudflare, which will allow for automatic verification of users. Sites and services will know that they are real people, not bots, and pass the user without the need for any confirmation.

It will work quite simply. With Private Access Tokens, sites or services will be able to request an operating system that confirms that its user is a real person, not a bot. Of course, a smartphone or computer will prove this, which will allow the user to bypass the “captcha” in some parts of the Web.

You can learn more about this at the relevant session from WWDC 2022.

Apple would not be Apple if it did not emphasize that all this is happening privately. Apart from confirming that the user is a human being, the system does not transmit to the services other information, such as the Apple ID used in this case by the system, or anything else.

It is also noted that not only Apple is working on such functionality. Google is also working with Fastly to develop a similar system with a similar name Trust Tokens.

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