In the United States, beer was created using AI: the world’s first such experiment

New Orleans will taste the world’s first beer created with the help of artificial intelligence. AI Blonde Ale will present at the opening party of the Nola Brewery brewery, reports WGNO.

Artificial intelligence helped create the recipe, but the beer was still brewed by hand. The innovation is not intended to replace brewers. It will make it easier for them to create products.

“It’s state-of-the-art technology with the traditional brewing methods, it’s pretty unique and it’s a recipe I would have never done normally but I really like how it tastes. Its very refreshing and very easy drinking I’m really happy with it,” said Derek Lintern, a brewer at Nola Brewery who worked hard to make the beer.

Beer became an experiment of the Australian Institute of Machine Learning and Barossa Valley Brewing. Beer will only be available in New Orleans for a short time.

““About 10 million people review beers every day, there are all these sites and they put it into the world basically to show people what they think of the beer. You do exactly the same thing, there are 5 questions, you scan a QR code answer 5 questions you rate the beer and instead of going into a website maybe somebody reads maybe not. What happens is artificial intelligence picks that up and goes directly to the producer the AI ​​then takes all that data and manipulates a recipe and then gives it to the producer here this is what the markets thinking,” said Barossa Valley founder Brewing about the prospect of using the technology.

The first 100 participants of the opening will be able to try the new beer for free. The founder of the brewery says he really wants people to taste the future.

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