Paradox Interactive has showed the first gameplay video of its new grand strategy Victoria 3.

Victoria 3 was announced in May 2021. The previous part of this series, Victoria II, was released in 2010, which is even earlier than Crusader Kings II (2012), which received a sequel in 2020, and recently was released even on consoles.

In Victoria 3 you have the opportunity to take over the management of any country in the period from 1836 to 1936 and using diplomacy, economics, and military power redraw the map of the world. In the trailer you can see some features of the game, taking into account the wishes and requirements of different social groups, “live” cities that change during the game, diplomatic and political options.

Considering that it’s just the first gameplay demonstration we should not expect Victoria 3 this year, most likely it will happen in 2023. Let’s hope that, as in the case of Crusader Kings III, the developers will make the game a little lenient for beginner strategists. And we really hope that in this game it will be possible to liberate Ukraine in the XIX century, as well as burn Moscow. Paradox, we believe in you, you can do it!