Find fuel nearby. A new service from Vodafone

Vodafone Ukraine operator has launched an unusual free service “Where to find fuel” in test mode, which should help users find fuel near the house.

In order to find out where you can refuel nearby, you need to send an SMS to the short number 225. Depending on the type of fuel you want to find, you need to specify the number in the text:

1 – gas;
2 – gasoline;
3 – diesel fuel.

Vodafone will find the nearest gas station with the right type of fuel and notify you of the availability. Users of the service will receive an SMS “Your chosen type of fuel found” and the address of the gas station.

If the tank is full and information is no longer needed, it can be turned off by sending an SMS with the word “STOP” to the number 225. Until STOP is sent, the service will inform about the availability of fuel, but not more than 3 times a day.

Only one type of fuel can be ordered at a time, if there were several SMS, Vodafone will send information in response to the last request.

The service uses data from an external API from a web developer from Kropyvnytskyi Roman Bahatyi, who created the Telegram bot PetrolAlertUA, service on the availability of fuel at the gas station. The Fuel service will be useful for those who do not use Telegram, it also automates the process of finding fuel. Users of the service do not need to write their address, location is determined automatically, after agreeing to receive such information during registration in the service.

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