Spotify users create weird playlists and share them on Reddit

A new trend is spreading on Reddit. Spotify users create or find playlists with strange names. The songs are added in such a way as to continue the title and make a short (often funny) story. 

Screenshots of the most successful puns users share on Reddit. You can see them all or even add your own at this thread. Here are some examples of how you can compile an unusual playlist.  

What Happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989?, Nothing Happened, In China, ON, 5 June, 1989, Good Job, +, 505, Social Credit
Dads when they see a pair of these, Click clack, Yep, Yes, they’re working
Trying to sleep after a horror movie, Trying to sleep, That shadow, Looks suspicious, I’m watching you, Shit was, That movement, NAH FUCK THAT, Deep breath, deep breath, Begone, Demons, Oh, it’s you, Glizzy Gobdblers, My Cat, Ok, time for plan B, Face the wall
The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, It’s the, Platinum, Jubilee, !, Send my regards, To,
The lizard people
God with dinosaurs be like, I’m going to, Create, Dinosaurus, They cool, AS FUCK, Wait, Naah naah naah, Kill ’em all, My mistake

Тhe thread was created almost a year ago. It now has more than 28,000 members. Some Spotify playlists are created together. Someone sets the condition by title and then the songs are added based on the work of everyone else.

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