NASA Artemis 1 moon rocket getting ready for the launch rehearsal

Today, NASA will return the Artemis 1 spacecraft to the launch site after its tests were postponed for minor repairs. The Space Launch System is now ready for a test to reproduce the countdown procedure at launch.

NASA experts have already rolled the rocket out of the shipyard building at the Kennedy Space Center and are transporting it to the launch site four miles (6.43 km) away. NASA is partially broadcasting the event on YouTube.

The rocket was moved at night to avoid the unfavorable hot and humid weather that prevails in Florida. When Artemis 1 is at 39B, NASA will begin a “wet dress rehearsal.” If there are no other problems this time, it will start on June 19 and last for two days. The main launch of the rocket should take place later this year, no earlier than June 26.

Artemis 1 was first tested on April 1. As early as April 14, NASA was to test a modified version of the spacecraft, but then the technicians found a hydrogen leak in the rocket’s launch pad and the test had to be postponed.

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