SEXN startup will allow you to earn cryptocurrency during sex

The rapid development of Web3 has spawned many sophisticated token-based business models. They promise to earn money by playing games, walking, and now even sex. The crypto startup SEXN used the last option. It is going to convince people that the “love-and-earn” model is not only functionally possible but also profitable.

SEXN is going to use a set of NFT, biometric monitors, and applications to earn money. As with the play-and-earn standard, users must first purchase multi-level NFTs, which will later allow them to earn tokens. Before having sex, users must run a timer on their phone – and start earning a Sex Orgasm Token ($SOT). It is planned to launch this week.

Similar to “play-and-earn”, the amount of money received depends on how much effort the participants put into it. In the case of SEXN, the effort will be quantified using biometric sensors that connect to the application. This can be a smartwatch, fitness bracelet, or phone. According to the organizers, GPS will help them to distinguish sex from other aerobic activities such as running. The heartbeat and respiration will also be different.

The startup is already selling NFT in its own market – dozens of cartoon condoms and vibrators, which cost about $259 apiece. Several models are offered to earn cryptocurrency. Each will allow you to receive tokens at different speeds and will require a different combination of NFT.

There are four regimes – coitus, masturbation, sadism and masochism and super-regime. The first two are the easiest to earn and the most understandable. To use the third mode, you will need to pass a “professional entrance exam”. The latest, super-mode, designed for sex marathons.

It is unclear whether the startup will be successful. Investors warn each other about its extreme risk. The project has a blurred roadmap and a complex system of earnings. Testing of wearable devices was planned for the beginning of 2022. In the future, they will need to connect to an application that has not yet been launched.

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