AMD’s Frontier Supercomputer Becomes World’s Fastest reaching 1.1 Exaflops

The first officially recognized Exascale supercomputer has appeared. It was AMD’s Frontier supercomputer, which reached 1,102 exaflops in the Linpack test. Thus, Frontier took first place in the ranking of the Top 500 fastest supercomputers in the world.

At the same time, Frontier not only overtook the previous leader – the Japanese Fugaku – but also significantly advanced. It’s faster than the seven supercomputers that follow it combined.

The speed of 1.1 exaflops achieved during the Linpack FP64 test is not the limit for Frontier. The system provides up to 1.69 exaflops at peak performance and has a margin to reach 2 exaflops after additional tuning.

Frontier is also considered to be the fastest artificial intelligence system on the planet. It achieves a performance of 6.88 exaflops for mixed accuracy calculations in the HPL-AI test. This compares to 68 million instructions per second for 86 billion brain neurons.

In addition, the Frontier Test and Development (Crusher) system also took first place on the Green500. This means that the Frontier architecture is now the most energy-efficient of the world’s supercomputers. The primary Frontier system took second place in the Top 500. The complete system provided 52.23 gigaflops per watt, consuming 21.1 MW during the qualifying test. At the peak of use, Frontier consumes 29 MW.

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