SpaceX rolls Starship 24 to the launch site of the Boca Chica spaceport

SpaceX shared with the public photos of the Starship 24 spacecraft rolling process at the SpaceX Starbase launch site in Boca Chica. This ship may be the first of the Starship to go into space.

A test flight is scheduled for June 2022. Starship 24 will fly on top of the Super Heavy B7 accelerator, which is already waiting for the ship at the site where it is preparing for the installation of Raptor 2 engines.

The test launch profile involves separating the Super Heavy accelerator after 3 minutes and launching it about 30 km off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Starship will fly over the Strait of Florida, avoiding populated areas, and will continue to accelerate to orbital speed. It will enter the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean and will flood about 100 km northwest of Kauai (Hawaii).

But it will happen if everything goes according to plan. We keep our fingers crossed for Starship 24 and Super Heavy B7.

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