Anton Bolshakov, head of the Kyiv gaming studio AB Games, the one that purchased ammunition for the Armed Forces in the amount of $1,100,000 , announced the start of production of drones for the army. More details were provided by Gamedev Dou.

Anton Bolshakov has joined forces with engineer Yevhen Rvachev, and now the new company UAV Defense Robotics is looking for engineers in the team.

There are three types of UAVs in development – reconnaissance, cargo (combat) and kamikaze drones. Production facilities are located in Kyiv. It is expected that the cost of a combat drone will be about UAH 150,000 (about 5,077 USD), a kamikaze drone – about UAH 15,000 (about 507 USD). Now the first prototypes are being assembled. They are being tested with detachments of the Armed Forces near Kharkiv. In the first batch 10-20 drones of each type are planned.

“When, according to the guys, we set up software and hardware, we will start more mass production. We plan to offer the finished product to the Ministry of Defense, create a team of assemblers, train military pilots and do as much as we can,” said Anton Bolshakov.

The statement of the head of AB Games about the development of drones was made 3 days after it became known about the death of the leading game designer of the studio Mikhail Novikov at the front.