Kyiv-based studio Frogwares received a grant from Epic Games

Ukrainian Game Studio Frogwares is proud to announce it has received an Epic MegaGrants grant from Epic Games.

MegaGrants from Epic Games are financial grants provided to creative, outstanding and innovative projects created on and around Unreal Engine, as well as projects that improve the open source ecosystem of 3D graphics.

The Frogwares studio, based in Kyiv, is known to players for a series of games about Sherlock Holmes, the latest of which Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, was released in late 2021.

Frogwares does not disclose the amount of the grant, but emphasizes that it will use this money to support employees who were forced to evacuate to other regions of Ukraine and abroad. In addition, part of the money will be used to purchase equipment for game development, transfer of data infrastructure and so on.

“Epic MegaGrant will be used to soften the financial blow from war and stay on our feet, and we want to thank Epic Games for their support during this trying time. We also want to thank our community for your kind words of encouragement,” Frogwares said in a statement, “We’re hopeful for a safe and peaceful future and look forward to sharing more about exciting new projects with you soon”.

Well, we also want Frogwares to overcome difficulties and look forward to the announcment of new games by the studio.

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