Quixel (part of Epic Games since 2019), the creators of the library of photorealistic scanned objects Megascans, showed the results of their Ninety Days in Unreal Engine 5 challenge. And they are really impressive.

Quixel has given three 3D artists the task of creating as many interesting and inspiring 3D environments as possible, spending no more than 3 days on each. Only Unreal Engine 5 tools and quits from the Quixel Megascans, Sketchfab and Unreal Engine Marketplace libraries could be used. The artists received a small team of assistants and set to work.

In total, 40 different 3D environments have emerged from the artists’ brush, each of which has its own story and can become the basis of a video game or movie. You can read more about each environment and their creators at ArtStation.

Here is another impressive short video on the Unreal Engine 5 from Saher Tarek, which may upset the creators of Cyberpunk 2077.