155-mm M777 howitzers are already in Ukraine and are destroying invaders with M549 shells

American latest 155mm M777 howitzers we have written about before have reached the front and are already sending “gifts” to the ruscists.

Video with allegedly the first shots of M777 at the enemy was published by the editor-in-chief of Censor.NET Yurii Butusov .

In addition, photos of 155-mm M549 rocket-assisted projectiles used by American ACS and M109, M114, M198 and M777 howitzers have appeared on the Internet. On the ammunition you can see the inscriptions “For Irpin”, “For Bucha” and “For Boyarka”.

M549 shells fired from the M777 howitzer can cover a distance of up to 30 km. That is 5 km more than the Russian 152-mm caliber Msta.

M549 projectile specifications
Weight – 43.5 kg
Length – 87.35 cm
Diameter – 154.89 mm
Material – steel
Detonator – M82
M549 – 7.26 kg Composition B
M549A1 – 6.8 kg of TNT
M114 – 12 miles
M109 – 14.6 miles
M198 / M777 – 19 miles

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