Max Polyakov’s EOS give Ukraine the opportunity to receive high-precision satellite images through an agreement with GEOSAT

Thanks to an agreement reached more than a month ago, Ukraine has de facto owned a multispectral optical satellite and receives exclusive satellite data from GEOSAT 2. Due to the risks of the information agenda in the face of military aggression, the agreement has only just appeared in public.

GEOSAT 2 became the first satellite that already transmits operational observation data on the territory of Ukraine exclusively for use of the country. The satellite is in orbit and allows to receive data with ultra-high resolution, previously inaccessible to Ukraine. It also provides the opportunity to take pictures at a distance of 100 kilometers from the state borders of Ukraine. Launched into orbit in January 2022, the Ukrainian satellite Sich-2-30 has many times lower resolution.

Thus, Ukraine has intensified orbital surveillance of its territory. This was made possible by the agreement on the transfer of EOS satellite data, founded by Max Polyakov, an international entrepreneur and philanthropist.

“The real challenges facing Ukraine have shown a lack of quality satellite imagery in many areas. Our access to GEOSAT 2 will be useful for all sectors of the Ukrainian economy that use satellite analytics in their activities in the long run. However, access to satellite data is very important for operational military intelligence,” said EOS founder Max Polyakov.

The strategic partnership between EOS and GEOSAT 2 strengthens Ukraine’s space intelligence potential and helps increase the effectiveness of the country’s defense, as well as improving the collection of data on the damage caused to the population and economy by the Russian Federation’s military aggression. The collected data can also be used to solve problems in the agricultural sector, forestry and other industries.

“Ukraine needs to intensify the development of its own technologies that would strengthen the country’s security. Do not depend on the delays of international partners or months of signing contracts with foreign companies, but create modern weapons and be ready to defend the country and Ukrainians at any moment. I am ready to invest in military and intelligence technologies aimed at strengthening Ukraine’s security,” said Max Polyakov.

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