Microsoft Edge is now the world’s second most popular desktop browser, surpassing Safari

Microsoft Edge surpassed Apple’s Safari and became the world’s second most popular browser for desktops. This is evidenced by data from web analytics StatCounter.

Microsoft Edge is currently used by 10.07% of desktops worldwide, 0.46% ahead of Safari, which accounts for 9.61%. Google Chrome remains in first place with a dominant share of 66.64%, and Firefox from Mozilla is in fourth place with 7.86%.

As the default Windows 11 browser, Edge’s popularity has grown in recent months. The first signs that it will overtake Safari and take second place appeared in February, when it was used by 9.54% of desktops worldwide. Back in January 2021, Safari occupied 10.38% of the market, indicating a gradual decline in popularity over the past 14 months.

However, if you look at mobile platforms, this is another story that emphasizes the lack of Microsoft’s mobile operating system after the closure of Windows Mobile. According to a StatCounter analysis, the Edge browser is not even in the top six mobile browsers, while Chrome is in first place with 62.87% and Safari on iPhone and iPad is in second place with 25.35%. In third place by a wide margin is Samsung Internet with a share of 4.9%.

So if you look at the overall statistics for desktops and mobile devices, Chrome is the leader with 64.36%, Safari is in second place with 19.13%, and Edge is only third with 4.07% of the total market share. Next are Firefox, Samsung Internet and Opera with 3.41%, 2.84% and 2.07% respectively.

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