Japanese railway used a giant humanoid robot to repair power lines

The West Japan Railway Company, also known as JR West, has introduced a giant humanoid robot. It can be entrusted with work that is risky for people. The robot has a human-like body and two arms to perform various tasks. For example, it can clean power lines with a specially designed brush from many angles.

The robot also performs maintenance tasks with hand clamps compatible with other tools. Two digital cameras mounted on the torso serve as eyes for the operator who controls the robot via a VR headset.

With the help of motion tracking, the operator controls the movement of the cameras at work. Meanwhile, a pair of manipulators helps him control the robot’s hands. If an external force is applied to the mechanical arms, it is transmitted to the pilot, who can react accordingly. The hydraulic crane that lifts the robot’s torso allows it to perform heavy work.

Despite the fact that the development is already functional, it is a prototype. The first such robot will be fully operational in 2024. We will probably see the results of his work in risky professions – such as working with power lines or at high altitudes. Here, work will replace people and allow them not to endanger their lives.

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