Audi and Porsche decide to join the Formula 1 championship

Volkswagen’s premium brands — Audi and Porsche — will take part in Formula 1. This could happen in 2026, along with new regulations. The news on Monday was announced by Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diss, writes Reuters

For several months, there has been speculation that the two brands are negotiating a partnership to enter the top-class international race. Diess noted that Porsche’s training was a little more specific.

Audi is ready to offer about €500 million to the British luxury sports car manufacturer McLaren for admission. Meanwhile, Porsche is set to enter into a long-term partnership with the Red Bull racing team.

The decision will be made when Volkswagen prepares for the possible inclusion of Porsche AG in the list scheduled for the last quarter of this year. However, sources say that the entry into Formula 1 will take place probably in a few years.

Previously, the German automaker was not involved in Formula 1, but worked with Red Bull at the World Rally Championship.

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